How do I protect my car in hot weather?

Global warming and longer forest fire seasons are causing increasingly hot summers. Extreme heat is harmful to humans and nature, and it’s also bad for your car. In this blog post, your OCTO Auto Service Plus family mechanic explains why you should protect your vehicle against scorching summer temperatures and how to do it effectively.

The dangers of heat

Excess heat can affect various key components of your vehicle. If the cooling system is defective, the motor can overheat, which will require an emergency visit to a garage. In addition, extreme heat can adversely affect your battery, which could lead to a midsummer breakdown.

Don’t forget that the interior of your car turns into an oven in hot weather. For example, if the thermometer says it’s 35°C, the temperature inside your car could be close to 66°C. Never leave plastic bottles or electronic devices in your vehicle — they could melt! Finally, hot asphalt can cause your tires to burst, especially if they’re not properly inflated.

Take these precautions

Follow these tips to keep your vehicle as cool as possible this summer.

  • Air conditioning. Make sure your air conditioning system is working so you can cool the inside of the vehicle for your health and comfort. Schedule a preventative inspection and take the opportunity to have the cabin filter replaced to optimize your air conditioner’s efficiency. That said, try not to overuse your air conditioner, as it can increase the temperature under the hood.
  • Cooling system. To prevent your engine from overheating at the worst possible moment, like while you’re on a road trip, have your cooling system inspected and drained by an experienced mechanic before you leave.
  • Tires. Routinely check your tire pressure to minimize the risk of heat-induced blowouts.
  • Shade. To protect your vehicle in extremely hot weather, it’s best to keep it indoors or in a shady place. Get it out of the sun as often and as quickly as you can.
  • Accessories. Experts recommend using a windshield sunshade but be aware that its effectiveness is limited at best. You can also find protective covers that fit over your entire vehicle. These water-repellent, anti-UV covers have openings for ventilation and come in light colours, enabling them to reflect the sun’s rays and limit the heat building in your car by a few degrees.

Trust OCTO to keep your vehicle in top condition

Is your air conditioning system defective? Are you afraid your car has suffered damage due to extreme heat? Don’t hesitate to put your trust in the OCTO Auto Service Plus family mechanic. Request an appointment today.[ML1] 

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