Which motor oil is best for your vehicle: get to know the different types on the market

As you’ve probably noticed, several types of motor oil are available on the market. Many vehicle owners wonder if they’re interchangeable. The correct answer is, in fact, no. In this blog, the experts at OCTO Auto Service Plus provide an overview of different categories of motor oil to help guide you in making the best choice for your vehicle.

What does motor oil do?

Firstly, it’s important to remember why you use motor oil. Oil protects the motor from corrosion, slows down wear and tear on moving parts and reduces frictional resistance. It also cleans the engine, helps maintain the seals and allows excess heat to escape — after all, your engine can reach temperatures of 400 degrees Celsius!

What are the main types of motor oil?

Major motor oil manufacturers generally offer three standard product categories:

  1. Conventional motor oil. This inexpensive type of motor oil is recommended for cars with basic motors and drivers who follow standard driving practices.
  • Synthetic motor oil. This chemically treated oil delivers higher performance, especially in extreme temperatures. It costs more than conventional oil but is highly recommended by experts.
  • Synthetic blend motor oil. A combination of conventional and synthetic oils, this option provides significant protection and good value for money.

There are also subcategories of oils, which vary by manufacturer. For example, some high-mileage motor oils are ideal for extending the performance of cars that have travelled hundreds of thousands of kilometres. Monograde oil is perfect for cars located in areas where the weather is almost always hot.

How do you know which type of oil is best for your vehicle?

Using the right type of motor oil helps you save on fuel and reduce your CO2 emissions. How do you know which is best for your vehicle? Simple: check your owner’s manual. In addition to outlining the manufacturer’s specification, it tells you details like recommended oil viscosity.

Beyond that, your mechanic can give you recommendations for various products suited to your vehicle and your budget, if necessary.

When should you change your motor oil?

Should you change your motor oil multiple times a year? Opinions vary, in part because the answer depends on various factors, including your driving habits. Check out our blog about it to learn more.

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