Should you change your windshield wipers in summer?

As the warm weather returns, so does the joy of driving the Canada’s roads on paved roads free from slush, ice, snow and salt. However, just because the weather is less hazardous doesn’t mean you can take your good visibility for granted. The mechanics at your neighbourhood OCTO Auto Service Plus know which maintenance tasks that need to be done when the mercury rises. So, in this article, you’ll learn more about a question many of you ask us, “Should you change your windshield wipers for the summer?”

Expert’s advice

Our most asked question is, “Should you replace your windshield wipers in the summer?” The answer is yes, ideally. Many experts in car maintenance and safety recommend changing your windshield wipers every six months — once in the summer and once in the winter. However, if your wipers are in excellent condition, once a year should suffice.

Several things can cause your windshield wipers to wear out prematurely. In fact, they must handle extreme cold and heat, continuous rubbing, high winds, slush, dirt and more. Over time, this wear and tear can bend the metal or split the rubber blades, compromising your safety and the one of other people on the road.

For example, damaged wipers can leave behind streaks or scratches that block your view of the road. Moreover, they can be extremely noisy and distracting.

Make the right choice

There are several types of windshield wipers on the market. Conventional models are affordable but less stable at high speeds and are vulnerable to snow or ice. Winter models prevent snow and ice build-up but must be changed when the temperature rises.

Additionally, flexible, lightweight, aerodynamic wipers can handle almost anything Mother Nature throws at them. But their performance comes at a price, so they may not be for everyone.

Are you looking for an efficient and affordable set of wiper blades that fit your vehicle perfectly? Don’t hesitate to ask one of your family mechanic for advice.

The importance of regular maintenance

We recommend performing the following tasks to keep your wipers in good condition and prevent premature wear and tear:

  • Regularly clean your wiper blades with a clean cloth soaked in hot water or windshield washer fluid
  • Periodically wash your windshield by hand to remove stubborn dirt and grime
  • Refill the washer fluid reservoir often, and never use your wiper blades on a dry surface

If you notice any signs of deterioration, immediately replace your wiper blades, no matter the season. For expert installation, make an appointment at your nearest OCTO Auto Service Plus repair shop.

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